Picayune Strand:

So once in awhile the crew likes to head out into the swamps of South Florida, explore some trails and barrel through some mud pits. Time and time again most of us usually come out from thess excursions saying they will not do it again, as their jeeps are covered in mud. However,  after a complete lenghy wash process, they soon forget and yearn the trails once more. These rides usually begin in the early a.m and end in the p.m.  There is nothing like coming out of these marsh lands in the eve of darkness being guided by nothing more than our lights. Our final destination is usually the nearby Cracker Barrel, where we dismount and enter in for our highly earned dinner.

Picayune Strand – 01/01/19

Picayune Strand – 12/19

First and foremost this is not a adventure for non 4×4 vehicles, because you will get stuck. We have had many modified vehicles get stuck in some of these areas. So thus it is imperative that you go with someone who has a winch and strap, a buddy for certain. We also recommend that you bring water, food and whatever else you need to be self-sustainable.  If you are alone and unequipped and get bogged down and stuck out there, pending on the time of day or night, you may end up spending the night.

Mosquito repellent is a safe bet regardless the time of year. The water and mud holes can get deep and the paths treacherous for those who are unequipped. Even some who are equipped will find themselves at times in a bad situation.  Also forget phone reception, it is spotty at best and some areas have none. We tend to us CB radios when we are out to stay in contact with everyone who are riding with us. We will not leave anyone behind for whatever reasons, everyone goes in and everyone goes home.

Be sure above all to pay the dues at the welcome station for being there and make sure you fill out the form correctly. FWC does not take kindly to those who do not pay their dues, or stray off the path. This is a tread lightly place with a lot of good muddy moments, you can literally get lost out there.  I can tell you that it has happened to us on several occasions, it is best to go in with people who are familiar with the trails.  Below are maps for Picayune, I will attempt to get larger maps and link them for download.