Team Omega:

Who are Team Omega?.
They are the devoted Jeep League founders, administrators and moderators. Those who take time out of their busy lives to plan events, lead events and promote Jeep League to the next level.  These are the amazing people who have chosen to be part of this movement where unity and adventure prevails minus the drama. To us it is about the thrill of the adventure, the slinging of the mud, the crawling of clay, the trecking through new trails and this journey of life.

We simply love the great outdoors and even more so those who have made Jeep League what it is today. These fine individuals whom you find on this website showcasing their vehicles are top notch, positive, motivated individuals. People who believe in our cause and who are bonded by fellowship and love. We are more than friends, we are family and thus is how we treat our Jeep League followers, friends and associates.

George Mercado
Jeep: WildThing

Martin Slater
Jeep: Redical

Rick Matos
Jeep: ThinBluelineJeep

Joseph Santiago
Jeep: Powerslave

Kenny Jump
Jeep: Deadpool

Christopher Flood
Hummer: H3

Jean-Jacques Léger
Jeep: J2

Scott Roberson
Jeep: Eagle40

Brent Rosenthal
Jeep: Marsh Mello

At Jeep League, our team is composed of older, mature professionals who united for the greater good of the Jeeping culture. For us, it is about having a good time with those we love, and about creating amazing memories and friendships that will last us a lifetime.

To learn more about us please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, or even better yet, join us on an adventure. We will be updating this site regularly with photos, videos and articles for your enjoyment.

Thank you and God Bless
The Omega Team